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Alpine Prop-Flex

Alpine Prop-Flex
nThe Fast Hand-Set Floor System

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The Fast Hand-Set Floor System
defined positioning grid with full flexibility in floor-plan geometry…
used for quick erection of the formwork as the positioning points are clear. enables rapid adaptation to walls and columns by simply telescoping the transverse and longitudinal beams. Rapid progress and simple logistics…
as there is only a small number of matched individual components
• With easily distinguishable longitudinal (3.90 m) and cross beams (2.65 m).
• With high-grade Alpine floor props with consecutively numbered pegging holes and low release forces. Safety and economy…
with high-quality, durable system components
• High-grade polyurethane surround for first-class concrete surfaces and reduced investment costs.
• Non-slip surfaces for significantly enhanced safety at work.
• The use of formwork beam Alpine H20.

CSI MasterFormat

14 80 00 Scaffolding


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