2/3/4 Units Apartment Intercom System Video Intercom Video Door Phone Kit 7 Inch Monitor with RFID keyfobs for 2-4 Household
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2/3/4 Units Apartment Intercom System Video Intercom Video Door Phone Kit 7 Inch Monitor with RFID keyfobs for 2-4 Household


With 2 MonitorsWith 3 MonitorsWith 4 Monitors


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2/3/4 Units Apartment Video Door Phone Kits

* With 4 wirs system connection. Using 4-cores cable to connect the camera and monitor.

The max distandance is up to 100 meters. Different distance, use different diameter cable, please check the following from to choose correspnding cable. ( We will send 5 meters cable to you to test, for the longer cable, need to buy by yourself when installing)

* Handsfree Dual-way Intercom and Indoor Monitoring

When a visitor ring the bell, the monitor will be activated and show the image outside. Press the answer button, then you can talk to outside, press the answer button again to turn it off. If you do not press the button after conversation is finished or if no one answer the call, the monitor will turn off automatically after 60s.

* Multiple ringtones – free switch

The 25 chord ringtones can be switched freely, elegantly and fair-sounding. Both of the ringtones and volume can be adjustable, can meet the original needs of your time. Don’t need to worry about can’t hear voice or hear it too loud any more.

* IR for Night-vision, allows you see color image at night

This video door phone adopts a different design. The outdoor unit embeds in a intelligent IR sensor, the IR sensor can control the leds according to illumination intensity. At night or at low light status, the lights will turn on automatically and allows you can still see image at night. At daytime, the lights will not turn on. It is a brilliant design.

* The outdoor camera prevent the water and protect the outdoor camera from damage.Aluminium Alloy Panel dust proof  waterproof(IP65)

* One key to unlock, make house safer

This door phone can work with 12V electrical lock, so you can connect an electrical lock to this system. With this function, you don’t need go to the door to unlock for your guest, you just need to press unlock button on monitor. It will bring great convenience for you and your family members.

( This electric lock is not included, if you need please feel free to contact us. )

In our store you can choose :

2/3/4/6/8/10/12 Buttons outdoor camera for your choose!!!


  1. With micro-processing technology, auto-remote control, excellent performance and high reliability.
  2. The LCD 7 inch digital color for monitor.
  3. Clear night-viewing , 24 hours monitoring, calling, speaking and unlocking remote controlling etc.
  4. Additional monitor available up to 12(optional) at most.
  5. LCD color screen with low power consumption, no radiation and high definition.
  6. Hands-free intercommunication.
  7. Brightness, chroma and volume adjustable.
  8. 25-chord melody rings for option.
  9. Cabling: 4-core connection cable
  10. 700 TVL Camera.
  11. Supports maximum 500 rfid keys.
  12. Do not disturb mode


The outdoor unit is controlled by RFID sensor and code, it is internal integrated with the visual intercom circuit to connect indoor monitor. use it to intercom, and unlock the door.

2 ways to unlock( Indoor, RFID), Support RFID Keyfob access controller.

There are several ways to open the door lock when you are outside the door: using the RFID keyfobs or the remote control set. This item comes with 7 RFID keyfobs(including added keyfob and deleted keyfob) . Besides, if you need more RFID keyfobs, you can add the quantity of the RFID keyfob as you like.

The outdoor unit has RFID reader, which supports max 500 RFID cards/fobs. It is easy to add new cards and delete old cards.

(Note: the function of the added card and delete keyfob (the added/delete keyfob can not unlock the door lock)

Wiring Instruction

It is a 4-wire system, we will provide 4 core connectors in the package, you need use 4 core cable to do the connection. Please refer to below wiring.(Please note the e-lock at below photo is not included, if you need, please feel free to contact us)

* Outdoor camera connection indoor monitor

* Outdoor camera connection electric lock and remote control


Additional information

Brand Name


Connection Method




Smart home platform




Answering Mode


Camera Sensor type


Display Size


Display Screen Type


Viewing Angle (°)


Model Number


IP Camera Interface


Zone Input


Samrt Home Interface


Kit Configuration

One to Three video doorphone


Wall Mounting


> 420 TV Line



Access Control

Inductive Card

Sensor Size(Inch)








Connection Type





Video Door Phone




Access Control

Main function

Video door phone / door bell / intercom


Video intercom system

Apply to

2 3 4 Units Families/floors/villas/apartments

Working match

3 indoor monitors + 1 outdoor camera

Outdoor camera

3 keys for 3 apartments/floors/families

Night vision

Support infared night vision

Outdoor units Material

Aluminium Alloy


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