7" Screen Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System + Electric Lock+Alunimum pane Camera + Power Supply+ Door Exit+ ID Keyfobs

7" Screen Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System + Electric Lock+Alunimum pane Camera + Power Supply+ Door Exit+ ID Keyfobs


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7 Inch RFID Card Video Door Phone with 1 Camera + 1 Monitor + Power +Door Exit +Electric Lock

This system can be used in apartments,villas,hotels and offices etc.
For better taking advantage of the prior functions please carefully read our instruction for correct installation and operation.


  1. With micro-processing technology, auto-remote control, excellent performance and high reliability.
  2. The TFT 7 inch digital color LCD for monitor.
  3. Clear night-viewing , 24 hours monitoring, calling, speaking and unlocking remote controlling etc.
  4. Additional monitor available up to 6(optional) and 3 outdoor cameras at most.(It needs a controller when install 2/3 outdoor cameras, please contact us if you want to install 2/3 cameras)
  5. TFT color screen with low power consumption, no radiation and high definition.
  6. Hands-free intercommunication.
  7. Brightness, chroma and volume adjustable.
  8. Comes with 5 RFID keyfobs, a push release button switch.
  9. Support maximum 500 id keyfobs or cards.
  10. 25-chord melody rings for option.
  11. Cabling: 4-core connection cable
  12. 700 TVL Sony Camera.
  13. Do not disturb mode


It is a door phone which can show you what is going on outside doors on a clearly 7″ full color screen of which The Volume, brightness and chroma can be adjusted to meet your need. It can function as a monitor, Press the button of Response/Monitoring, the screen will show you the picture outside doors, which makes you kown the outside world staying in the house.

*** The display image in themonitor is very clear for viewing, which will definitly meet the general use.
  1. Dsplay: 7 inch TFT LCD(16:9display)
  2. Resolution: 800×480
  3. Charger:adapter input voltage: AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
  4. Adapter outup voltage current: DC15V 1500mA
  5. Case: Plastic
  6. Installation: Surface mounting
  7. Dimensions: 230L x 150W x 27H mm
  8. Weight: 0.85kg


There are several ways to open the door lock when you are outside the door: using the RFID keyfobs or the remote control set. This item comes with 7 RFID keyfobs(including added keyfob and deleted keyfob). Besides, if you need more RFID keyfobs, you can add the quantity of the RFID keyfob as you like.

The outdoor unit has RFID reader, which supportsmax 500 RFID cards/fobs. It is easy to add new cards and delete old cards.

(Note: the function of the added card and delete keyfob (the added/delete keyfob can not unlock the door lock)

Exit Button :

This exit button widely used in the door access control system.When you want to go out, you just need to press this Exit Button, then you can go out:

  1. Maximun Power Rating: 36 VDC 3A-5A output Support both NC Mode (Fail Safe Mode) & NO Mode (Fail Secure Mode)
  2. Performance Testing: 1000000 times aging test
  3. Suitable For: Wooden Door, Metal Door, Glass Door, Fireproof Door, etc
  4. Application: wood/iron doors

Power Supply:

This AC110V–240V Power supply controller is a transformer which provides stable output voltage for access controller, lock, and exit button.

  1. Can reduce the load of access controller, save wiring to reduce the hidden trouble
  2. Set NC / NO outputs, can control various types of electric locks
  3. Based delay control circuit, lock time can be in 0-15 seconds
  4. The circuit board has remote control port.
  5. Input Voltage: AC 1 10~220V 50~60Hz
  6. Output Voltage: DC 12V 3A

Electric Control Lock

This 12V electric rim lock can unlock via keyfobs, inside button, access control or video door phone system. It can fit for different kinds of doors, mostly for the lock with 35mm-55mm thick. When bolt extends out, the door can be locked normally. It has 2 wires running from it for connecting with access control system and video intercom system. Beside, it is easy to install.
Main Feature
  1. Brand New and high quality
  2. Made of Stainless steel
  3. Connect via 2-wire to our acccess control system and video intercom system
  4. Fits for electrical control, key or hand operation
  5. Good quality and durable to use
  6. Can be opened from outside (with keys) even if no power
  7. Locked with keys from inside, then the button on the lock will not work
  8. Automatically lock when the door is closed
  9. Fit doors 35mm (1-3/8 inch) to 55mm(2inch) thick
  1. Mode:   NO Mode-(Locked while power is off)
  2. Material:    Stainless Steel
  3. Authority Certification:   CE & MA Approved
  4. Application:   wood/iron doors
  5. Working Voltage:   12VDC
  6. Working Current:   0.2-0.45A
  7. Weight:    1500g
  8. Dimension (Face Plate):   131mm x 107mm x 39mm
  9. Center distance:    60mm
  10. Door distance:    35-55mm

Wiring Instruction

It is a 4-wire system, we will provide 4 core connectors in the package, you need use 4 core cable to do the connection. Please refer to below wiring.(Please note the e-lock at below photo is not included, if you need, please feel free to contact us)


  1. We provide 4-core or 5-core or 6-cables.(please see the packaging contents.)
  2. The cables are very easy to be found in your local market as they are international standard.
  3. We suggest testing the door phone kit with our original cable before installation, and the distance between the units should not be too close(3 meters distance may be OK) while testing, or it will cause noise sound.
  4. The total length of the connection cables can NOT exceed 100 meters.
  5. If your cable is too long and NOT thick enough,Not pure copper, it will cause many problems, please check the wiring requirement.
  • 0.2mm2 0.5mm2 1.0mm2
    Indoor to outdoor max distance 30m 50m 100m
    Indoor to indoor max distance 20m 50m 100m
    Outdoor to Electric lock max distance 2m 3m 5m


  • 1 x Indoor monitor
  • 1 x Outdoor camera
  • 1 x Power adapter(Send EU/AU/US/UK type according to your address)
  • 7 x Rfid keyfobs(Please contact us if you need more keyfobs)
  • 1 x Electric Lock
  • 1 x Power supply
  • 1 x Door Exit
  • 1 x Screws and connection terminals for installation
  • 1 x User manual

Additional information

Brand Name


Connection Method




Smart home platform




Answering Mode


Camera Sensor type


Display Size


Display Screen Type


Viewing Angle (°)


Model Number


IP Camera Interface


Zone Input


Samrt Home Interface


Kit Configuration

One to One video doorphone


Wall Mounting


> 420 TV Line



Access Control

Inductive Card

Sensor Size(Inch)








Connection Type





7 Inch Monitor Video Door Phone






ID Keyfobs Access Control

Working match

1 indoor monitors + 1 outdoor camera

Apply to


Power Supply

EU/US/AU/UK Plug Optional

Night vision

Support infared night vision


Electric Lock


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