NOYAFA NF-8209 Cable Tracker Lan Display Measure Tester Network Tools LCD Display Measure Length Wiremap Tester
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NOYAFA NF-8209 Cable Tracker Lan Display Measure Tester Network Tools LCD Display Measure Length Wiremap Tester


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NF-8209 anti-interference and noise-free on-load line finder is the latest anti-interference and noise-free savvy mouse line finder developed by Shenzhen Nuofangzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. on the basis of the original NF-268. Compared with NF-268 In other words, the new anti-jamming line hunting scheme adopts digital signal receiving and decoding technology, which has a higher degree of anti-jamming and more accurate, and prevents false alarms. At the same time, NF-8209, as a new generation of multi-functional line finder, has three functions: ordinary line hunting, anti-jamming line hunting, and NCV induction pen, which can be switched freely by pressing the button.

Main features

●Line hunting: two modes of hunting-normal hunting and anti-interference hunting, the maximum length of live hunting is 600 meters

●Wire pairing: Cooperate with the remote end to implement 1 pair 1 pair wire, which can test the shielded network cable

●Length measurement: 2.5 meters to 120 meters CAT5, CAT6 network cable length

●Port blinking: 10M/10OM/1000M switch adaptive

●POE: 5~60V non-standard/standard POE can be tested, AF/AT is automatically recognized

product instructions

The main menu screen has six function option menus:

1. Pairing — Pairing mainly tests the short circuit, open circuit, and crossover of the network cable. (The pairing function needs to be used with the 8209 remote end)

2. Length—Length test can test the length of each pair of twisted pair separately and display it on the screen.

3. Line hunting-the line hunting function can perform network line hunting. The hunting function needs to be used with the 8209 receiver.

4. POE—PoE test is completed in an automatic way, just connect the loaded/unloaded POE device to the PoE test port and wait for the test result.

5. Blinking-Including port blinking test and Link test, it is completed in an automatic way. You only need to connect the device under test to the “blinking” port of the transmitter with a network cable to quickly find the target line.

6. Setting—Select and enter the setting interface to adjust the parameter options of the machine. The setting interface can mainly set language, backlight time, automatic shutdown time, contrast, and understand version information.


1.①The hunting mode of the receiver should be the same as the hunting mode of the transmitter, (short press the receiver function key to switch) otherwise no signal can be received

②PoE hunting mode, please select anti-interference hunting mode for the receiver

⒉. Inductive electric pen function, the receiver is used to detect whether there is AC power in the household wire

Package Include:

Transmitter 1pc( battery is not include )
Receiver 1pc
Remote 1pc
Earphone 1pc
Cable adaptors 1 set
Carry bag 1pc
User manual 1pc
Quality certificate 1pc
The difference between NF-8209 and NF-488

Additional information

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Model Number


Function 1


Function 2


Function 3

tester rj45

Function 4

network cable tester

Function 5

rj45 tester

Function 6

lan tester

Function 7

Cable tracker




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