Smar H.265 CCTV NVR 8CH 9CH 16CH 32CH For 5MP 4K IP Camera Support Face Detection Email Alart Video DVR Recorder XMEYE APP Onvif
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Smar H.265 CCTV NVR 8CH 9CH 16CH 32CH For 5MP 4K IP Camera Support Face Detection Email Alart Video DVR Recorder XMEYE APP Onvif


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Enquiries about the products can be through our official channels using email, social media and chatbot.


Now the parameters of the 16CH CCTV NVR are being updated, Please refer to the actual product reference standard.

1. H.265 Vdieo Compresion for 9CH/ 10CH/ 16CH,4MP/5MP/1080P HD Resolution

2.Realtime live display up to 9 / 10 / 16 IP Cameras

3.Support Multi Languages.

4.Support VGA & HDMI Video Output.

5. Backup Via USB Drive + 3.5” Hard disk (up to 6T )( NO Hard Disk in the Package)

6.Support iPhone,Android Mobile remote access through P2P Cloud.


8.Motion detection and Email alarm.

9.Support ONVIF2.3 Agreement.(Compatible ONVIF2.0)

(Note: We recommend that when you buying the Network video recorder, also buying the IP Camera from our store, Because they have perfect private agreement between them and docking, it can fully display products all of the functions. If you have buying the IP Camera from other manufacturers, then connect to our network video recorder  through ONVIF, however,you will find that some function of  the IP Camera can’t work normaly,, such as: motion detecting Or audio and video are not synchronized and so on;  Why? Because ONVIF protocol cann’t be compatible with all functions; Please note that before you buying.)

Packing List:
1* 8 Ch /9 Ch/16 CH Mini NVR
1* USB Mouse
1* DC12V Power Adapter for NVR
1* User’s Manual

For 8CH NVR:

1. 8CH:Actually is 9CH, it’s XM Chip;
2. Max support 9*4K(8MP) IP Camera
3. Don’t support Wifi Adapter;
4. 9CH(XM) Board Max Support 1920x1080P Display
5. 9CH NVR, Please choose Video Input:8CH(Order)

For 9CH NVR:

1. 9CH:Actually is 10CH, It’s Hi3536 Chip;
2. Max support 10*4K(8MP) IP Camera
3. Support Wifi Adapter, the Wifi Adapter model is:7601
4.10CH(Hi3536) Board Max Support the 4K Display
5.10CH Board of NVR, Please choose Video Input:9CH(Order)

For 16CH NVR:

1. 16CH is Hi3536 Chip;
2. Max support 16*4K(8MP) IP Camera
3. Support Wifi Adapter, the Wifi Adapter model is:7601
4.16CH(Hi3536) Board Max Support the 4K Display

For 32CH NVR:

1.32CH is NT98323 Chip;
2. Max support 32*4K(8MP) IP Camera
3. Support Wifi Adapter, the Wifi Adapter model is:7601
4.32CH(NT982323) Max Support the 4K Display

Multiple Language

Support more than 20 Language, Chinese, English,Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian, Indonesian and Etc…….
PS:If you need set language for your local use, please leave us a message, we would set and send to you.  Or If there is no your country’s language please contact us soon we would send language pack to your e-mail.

Motion Detection & Email Alert

When the Detect Motion happened in your home and office. you’ll get instant alarming email when the home or office is invaded. You can even ensure that false alarms are avoided by setting the motion detection “mask”to block areas with constant movement.
Note:Our DVR Motion Detection Function only Support the following Brand of IP Camera; As: XM, Dahua, Safer, HIVT, Part of HIKVISION. And if your IP Camera is other Brand, Can’t used the Motion Detection Function with Our DVR. ( Please note before when you buying)

E-mail Set

Please note: SMTP Server only support these Email Box:126,163,gmail,sina,139,156,qq format, And the recipient can set up 5 vaild mail.

AI Face Detection

AI face detection is more easy to catch the detail arround you . When someone invades, the smar security camera can clearly capture the details of the person’s face and protect your property at all times.

Support ONVIF

You can connect any brand’s Onvif IP Cameras to our this NVR;


Smar’s Video Recorder all support ONVIF and NETIP Protocol;

Netip: It is a Private protocol, only applicable to Network Video Products of XM Scheme;

Onvif: It is an international open network video product standard network interface protocol;

Onvif Advantages:

Onvif likes a communication bridge, It can implement multiple devices(IP Camera and Video Recorder) from different manufacturers connected to each other, mutual Communication.

Onvif Disadvantages:

The standards of onvif protocol are also different for video network products of different manufacturers;

So,Their communication with each other will cause some bad problems, such as: motion detection can not work normally; Audio and video can’t be synchronized; Loss of video data, etc……

(Note: We recommend that when you buying the Network Video Recorder, also buying the IP Camera from our store, Because they have perfect private protocol between them, it can fully display products all of the functions.)

Easy access via multi-platform

Support Mobile Phone iOS, Android System,Remote view of mobile phones, any time… any where…Why choose H.265 NVR?

H.265 More Clear , HD resolution offer you best image quality in a lower bit rate.
Save more storage space,can reduce 40%-50% file size,save your HDD storage space and reduce your purchase cost

If you need 1TB/2TB/3TB/4TB HDD, please click below pic for shopping.

9CH/16CH NVR Size and Multi angle display:

8CH/32CH NVR Size and Multi angle display:

Specifications 8CH 9CH 16CH 32CH
System Main processor XM8536D Hi3536E Hi3536E NT98323
Operating System Embedded Linux
System resources Simultaneous multi-channel real-time recording, playback, network operation, USB backup
Interface Operator interface 16-bit true color graphic menu operation interface, support mouse operation
Preview 1/2/4/6/8/9 1/2/4/6/9/10 1/2/4/6/8/9/16 1/2/4/6/8/9/16/25/32
Video Video input (IP 9*4K Unreal-time(Access bandwidth 60Mbps) 10*4K(Access bandwidth 72Mbps) 16*4K(Access bandwidth 72Mbps) 32*4K
Video compression H.265AI/H.265+(compatible H.265/H.264)
Display quality Max:4K
Playback quality 4K/5M/4M/3M/1080P
VR Not support
human shape / Face Support(depend on camera,the camera of NETIP protocol can support face recognition)
Audio Audio compression G.711A
Intercom support
Record & playback Recording mode Manual>Alarm>Dynamic Detection>Timing
Un real-time)
1ch4K/2ch5M/1ch4M/2ch3M/3h1080P 4K(1*real-time)/5M(1+1)/4M(2+1)/3M(3+1)/1080P(5+1) 2ch4K@12fps/3ch5M@20fps/4ch4M@20fps/4ch3M@20fps/6ch1080P@25fps
Search mode Search by Time/Calendar/Event/Channel/Face
Record storage HDD、Network
Backup mode Network backup, USB hard disk, USB burner, SATA burner
Video output 1ch VGA,1ch HDMI HD output
Audio I/O 1/1(3.5mm)
Alarm I/O 0/0
Network interface 1*RJ45 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet port
USB interface 2*USB2.0 ports(one USB extension interface is reserved)
HDD 1 SATA(Up to 14TB for each disk)
Serial interface No
Other ONVIF Support
power supplyr DC12V 2A
Power Consumption <10W(Without HDD)
Work environment Temperature:0°C -55°C, Humidity:10%-90%RH , Atm:86kpa-106kp

How to remote view through Mobile phone?

1. You must be installed a APP in your mobile phone,where to find or download APP?
2. Please used your mobile phone to scan the following QR code.(iPhone APP,Android APP)

VMS For Local Review & Record

Default IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: null (empty)
Default Username of CMS: super
Password: null (empty)
When you log in to VMS for the first time, Device list is empty, Please add your device at “System->Device Manager”
(As usual, DVR default IP address will be, but if your local Internet IP address with the same our default IP address, You must be changed the default IP address, you can edit the IP address of DVR by VMS.)

Additional information

Brand Name






Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7

Video Standard


Network Protocol


Smart home platform


Backup Type

Hard Drive

Two-way Audio


Video Resolution


Hard drive Interface Type


Alarm Action

FTP Photo







IP Mode

Static IP address

Hard Drive Size


Network Interface

RJ45 10/100M

Audio Output


Supported Mobile Systems


Communication Interface


Model Number


Audio Input



Digital Video Recorder

Input for 8 Channel NVR

9*4K 8MP IP Camera

Input for 9 Channel NVR

10*4K 8MP IP Camera

Input for 16 Channel NVR

16*4K 8MP IP Camera



Compression Format


Video Output

1*1080P HDMI/1*VGA




EU Standard(AU/UK can choice)

Input for 32 Channel NVR

32*4K 8MP IP Camera


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