ZigBee 3.0 Wireless 12 Push Button Remote Tuya Scene Automation Control Switch Smart Life Alexa Home Assistant Zigbee2MQTT
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ZigBee 3.0 Wireless 12 Push Button Remote Tuya Scene Automation Control Switch Smart Life Alexa Home Assistant Zigbee2MQTT


1 Button EU Remote1 Button Remote1 Gang US Remote2 Button EU Remote2 Button Remote2 Gang US Remote3 Button EU Remote3 Button EU Remote3 Button Remote3 Gang US Remote4 Button EU Remote4 Button Remote


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– Tuya ZigBee 3.0 remotes need work with Tuya ZigBee Hub, please make sure you already have a Tuya ZigBee Hub, if not, you can click the link in the picture below to buy the zigbee hub.
– This ZigBee Remote can’t work with other brands’ ZigBee Hub, please make sure your ZigBee Hub is from Tuya.
– The Coin Battery CR2032 is included in the box.
– Please contact us online if you have any questions, we are the manufacturer.

Support Zigbee2MQTT and Home Assistant.

Works with all the devices in your Smart Life App(Tuya ZigBee Hub is a must)

With this Tuya ZigBee Remote and a Tuya ZigBee Hub, you can control all the smart devices in your Smart Life or Tuya App. (Please be noted the Tuya ZigBee Hub is a must!)

Wireless Remote Control with Your Smart Life

– Each one button can be adapted up to three different scenarios through the app.
– App Name: Tuya, Smart Life

One Switch, Three Actions

– You can set different control effects by clicking, double-clicking, and long-pressing three actions.
– When you get home, you only need to click on the remote control to turn on the lights in the room.
– Double click to control to open the curtain (need to match curtain module or curtain switch).
– Long press, you can turn off all lights before going out.
– Exquisite and compact, easy to move, free to place.

Tuya ZigBee Mesh

– Please make sure you already have a Tuya ZigBee Hub, it’s a must for all the Tuya/Smart Life ZigBee devices.
– With more zigbee smart products, realize a variety of smart scenarios.

Use with smart lamp holder

– Can be used in conjunction with smart lamp holders, use the remote control to turn on and off the lights at any time.
– Convenient for the elderly and children.

Use with smart module

– Used in conjunction with the smart module, use the remote control to control multiple lights in the house.
– Use with remote control to solve the problem of unreasonable switch position.

Mountable and Portable ZigBee Remote

– Thanks to the wall bracket, the tuya ZigBee remote can be mountable and portable.
– The wall bracket is magnetic, the remote control can be attached to the bracket and used like a traditional switch, or it can be used as a remote control in your hand.

Installation method

Method 1: Double-sided adhesive tape installation.
Method 2: Mount the wall plate on wall with screws.
– There is a lanyard in the box for every remote, you can hang it anywhere for convenient use.
– Simple installation, no wiring required.


Color: White
App Name: Smart Life, or Tuya
Wireless Protocol: ZigBee 3.0(not support 5GHz WiFi)
Control Distance: 10~30 meters around the Tuya ZigBee Hub
Battery Type: Coin Battery CR2032(included in the box)
Certification: CE, RED, RoHS
Plastic Material: ABS
Patented Design: Yes
Produced by ISO9001 Factory: Yes

Please be noted the Tuya ZigBee Hub is not included in the box if you don’t buy it.

We have all the accessories you need in the box, you don’t need to pay extra cost.

What’s in the box?

1 * Tuya ZigBee Remote(Depends on your choice)
1 * Coin Battery CR2032(in the remote)
1 * Wall Bracket
1 * Lanyard
1 * Screw Driver
1 * Screw Kits
1 * Double-Sided Tape
1 * User Guide

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Additional information

Brand Name





Patent Design, Mount on wall or moveable



Item Type



2 years

Is Smart Device



Mountable and Portable

Button Numbers

1~4 Buttons



Wireless Protocol

Tuya ZigBee 3.0

Need a Hub


App Name

Tuya, Smart Life

App Type

Free App, Support Android and IOS

Voice Control

Google Home, Amazon Alexa



Remote Distance

10 meters around the ZigBee Hub


ZigBee Mesh

Battery Type

Coin Battery CR2032

Battery Included?


Plastic Material

Fireproof ABS

Factory Quality

ISO9001:2015 factory



Patent Design?


Switch Type

ZigBee Remote Control

Works with

LIDL ZigBee Hub


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