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Alpine Ringlock System

Alpine Ring lock SystemnThe modular scaffold system that leaves nothing to be desired

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Alpine Ring lock SystemnnThe modular scaffold system that leaves nothing to be desired…nnMulti-functionalnnIn fact, there is barely anything that cannot be scaffolded with Alpine Ring Lock. Quick and safe assembly isnobtained in all demanding areas of scaffolding: industrial construction, shipbuilding, and aircraft construction,noffshore areas in petrochemistry, stage construction tanks, towers, ceilings or facades with complex structures.nThanks to its flexible junction between standard and ledger, Ring Lock adapts easily to any shape, ground plannor height. And not only a façade scaffold, it is also ideal for shoring spatial structures, grand stands, platforms,nsuspended scaffold, mobile towers and stair case towers.n• Vertically adaptable in a 50 cm height grid.n• Adaptable in terms of layout, by means of ‘Modul’ hole-plates (Ring) that each permit eight differentnconnecting directions in one planen• Has Intermixing Approval permitting combinations with other manufacturers ‘scaffolds.n• Standards, ledgers, diagonals and decking boards can be systematically selected to make possible variousndifferent scaffold heights, bay lengths and bay widths.nCan quickly be readied for usenAs it is so easy to handlen• Controlled erection workflow due to the pre-defined connection-points on the ‘Modul’ hole-plate.n• Boltless jointing technique using the wedge-locking principle.n• Rigid, force-transmitting joints with just one blow of the hammer.nn

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