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AlpiFlex 50

AlpiFlex 50nH20&Waler Formwork System

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AlpiFlex 50nH20&Waler Formwork SystemnAlpine H20 & Waler formwork AlpiFlex 50 is designed to be tailored into various types of tasks – so provides thenideal scope for adapting the shapes and sizes of the elements to suit your structure. The element size-grid andntie-hole pattern provides the adaptability needed to accommodate architectural demands. The AlpiFlex elementsnand exact connections make for a perfect joint pattern. You can choose whichever form-face material that bestnmeets your requirements – e.g. for smooth fair-faced concrete, wood-textured surfaces, intensive re-use etc.nA range of practical accessories makes work on the site a lot easier and prevents the need for costly in-situnimprovisations.nVersatilitynFor all shapes and loads;n• Flexible panel widths according to the length of the steel walers.n• Flexibility regarding the height of the panels, which is determined by the H20 girder length (standard lengthsn2.45 m to 5.90 m; special lengths up to 12.00 m).n• Tie positions can be adjusted according to project requirement.n• Any architectural requirement.n• Any formwork pressures.n• Any type of form-facing.nFastness, Cost-EfficiencynIndividualized solutions.n• High numbers of re-use cycles.n• Short forming-times.n• Elongated holes in the steel walers and panel couplings allow 100 % tension and compression-proof panelnconnections resulting in tight panel joints.n• Large, optimized shifting unit.n

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