Turkey Construction Products Export Future between Competitiveness & Opportunity

Turkey Construction Products Export Future


From all what previously statistically mentioned and more factors including the Turkey production
capacity, Production quality, competitive pricing, unique geographical position, diverse banking
instruments, Shipping facilities strength and etc. which we may discuss each one of those factors in
later paper, we can conclude the following:
  • Turkey Construction Products Sector Export is one of the powerful production sectors through its
    international competitive advantage that wasn’t well targeted to position it in the place it should be.
  • Construction Products Export can massively share in increasing Turkey GDP which in turn
    increasing Economic growth respectively.
  • Increasing the Construction Products Export will participate in settling down the Lira exchange
    rate as a result of injecting more foreign currency into the economy.
  • Increasing Turkey Construction Products export needs more innovation that would provide the
    • Mapping Turkish Products technical standards with the same products internationally.
    • Increase in Turkish Products international online presence.
    • Maximizing Turkish manufacturers / Foreign buyers outreach.
    • Acquiring a credible communication channel that gets sellers and buyers together breaking the language barrier.
  • Injecting money in the Construction Products Export innovation is a huge investment opportunity.
  • Construction products occupy the 19th rank among Turkey exports with a value of $1,854,230,569,
    this amount of export is realized by around 20% of Construction products manufacturers as per the
    Turkish Construction Materials Association.
  • As per the International construction products cluster competitiveness profiles index:
    • Turkey Construction Products export occupy the 12th rank among the top 50 construction
      products export countries.
    • Turkey Construction Products sector RCA (Revealed Competitive Advantage) is 2.480 and
      realizes the first rank all over the world.
RCA is calculated as follows:
RCA = Sector Export Share ratio/Total Export Share ratio to the world.
Turkey Construction Products Export Share Ratio = 2.409%
Turkey Total Export Share Ratio = 0.971%
Then Turkey construction product RCA = 2.409% / 0.971% = 2.480
    • Turkey RCA is higher than most of the biggest export countries of construction Products such
      as China, Germany, United States, and others, Ex. China construction products export is
      around 9 times higher than Turkey in value but its rank comes in the 6th
      place in RCA after

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