16A 20A EU Smart Wifi Power Plug With Power Monitor Tuya Smart Life APP Wifi Smart Socket Outlet Works With Alexa Google Home
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16A 20A EU Smart Wifi Power Plug With Power Monitor Tuya Smart Life APP Wifi Smart Socket Outlet Works With Alexa Google Home


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Product description:

1. The European smart socket can be controlled remotely by connecting to a WiFi router

2. Shell material adopts ABS PC fireproof shell material

3. The network adopts WPA/WPA grade

4. No gateway required

5. Share Control– Control your smart home together with your family

6. Support Yandex Alice voice control

Product Features:

1.20A high power(Only available with sockets with this function)

16A is 3500W,According to 220V voltage calculation, 20A the maximum power can be 4400W, which can be used for water heaters, air conditioners, and other high-power equipment. It is safer than 16A and has more application scenarios.

2.Electricity statistics

View energy reports to properly track energy usage around your home. Know which devices consume the most energy, and make plans to save energy and electricity bills.

3.Overcharge protection

If the power is exceeded, the power will be cut off automatically to protect the electrical appliances and maximize the lifespan.

4.Set schedule

Turn the connected device on and off at the specified time. Schedule the living room fan to turn on in the morning or schedule your child’s light to turn off to let them know it’s time to go to bed.The countdown function allows you to set a timer that automatically turns off, so you don’t have to doubt whether you have unplugged the device.

5.Voice control

Smart plugs can be used with devices supported by Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice control.

6.No gateway required

The smart plug is suitable for any secure 2.4 GHz wireless network without the need for a separate gateway.

7.The Smart Life app is suitable for many smart home devices, allowing you to easily control your home from any Android or iOS device.

8.Applicable scenarios: living room, office, study, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Operation method

APP:Tuya/Smart Life

Download the APP (Tuya/Smart Life) through the App Store

1. Connect the power socket.

2. Press and hold the switch button on the socket for 5-10 seconds, and wait until the indicator light on the switch is in a flashing state.

3. Open the APP and click Add socket to connect.

4. Follow the instructions on the APP to complete the operation step by step.


Wifi Bluetooth dual mode

Input voltage: 100-240V

Output current: 16A 20A

Standby power: 1W

Ordinary load: 4400W

Housing: ABS PC fireproof material

Specifications: EU Plug

Certification: FCC/ROSH

Working humidity: <80%

Working temperature: -20 ° C – 50 ° C

Wifi distance: 50 meters outdoors, indoors up to 30 meters (depending on building materials and structure)

Wifi type: 2.4GHZ 802.11b/g/n

Network security level: WPA/WPA

Color: White

APP:Smart life /Tuya

Package Included:

1*Smart Socket


Additional information

Brand Name


Extension Cable Length




Surge Protector



Isolated Ground

Overload Protection




Outlets Number



Electrical Plug



Rated Current


Model Number


Rated Voltage



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