7V/3W Solar Water Fountain Pump Colorful LED Lights Floating Garden Fountain Pump Swimming Pools Pond Lawn Decor
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7V/3W Solar Water Fountain Pump Colorful LED Lights Floating Garden Fountain Pump Swimming Pools Pond Lawn Decor




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If the fountain cannot spray water, please throw all the fountain into the water and shake the fountain to get rid of the gas inside.remember that the water level should be higher than the fountain

1. Storage of Electricity, Long Lighting Time: New upgraded version of solar fountain. When the sun is full, it sprays water more powerfully than any other fountain on the market. It has a built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery with a power storage function. Water can be sprayed on cloudy days. At night, the LED luminous water spray can work continuously for 5 hours when the battery is fully charged.
2. Garden Swimming Pool Decoration: Colorful LED lights, with 6 LED lights, when the light detection night comes, there are three colors (red, green and blue) light up, making the garden swimming pool at night more gorgeous. The solar bird’s nest fountain can be automatically operated under direct sunlight in just 3 seconds. It has a built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery. The spray height is greater than 60cm regardless of cloudy or sunny. It can work for 5 hours without power or battery.
3. 7 Spraying Methods: With 7 different types of nozzle heads attached, you can get different water shape and height in different water patterns. Easy installation, no wire location, no plugs, and additional required, respectively required. Solar powered, no battery or electricity needed, it runs automatically under sunshine, high efficiency, environmental.
4. New Upgraded Technology: The solar energy storage fountain is a landscape fountain device that uses solar panels to charge the battery and pump water. This product uses high-efficiency solar panels and a new type of brushless water pump, which has the advantages of fast start-up, high efficiency, and strong stability. It will continue to offer water flower for your garden and patio. Simply cleaning and maintaining.
5. Anti-collision Bar Design: The product is equipped with four anti-collision bars, which can be used to fix the position of the fountain and prevent the fountain from being blown to the edge of the pool and causing water to overflow.
6. Configure Water Shortage Protection Function (Water Level Monitoring): Built-in water level monitoring function, it can automatically stop working when there is water shortage, and start immediately after adding water without restarting and activation. Simple operation prevents the water pump from idling and reduces the service life of the water pump.
7. New Solar Fountain with Two Working Modes: Day mode, when the lights are off, and spray water; night mode, when the lights are on, spray water. This new type of solar pump fountain is very suitable for bird baths, fish tanks, small ponds, swimming pools, gardens, terraces, lawns, and oxygen circulation. It can be used as a fountain spray water during the day, and can be used as a fountain decoration landscape light at night, bringing you more joy.
Solar panel voltage: 7V
Solar panel power: 3W
Max flow of pump: 180L/h
Top lift: 1.2m
Maximum spray height: 60-80cm
Service life: ≥10000Hours
Color: black
Material: ABS and PC
Waterproof grade: IP68
Package size: approx. 17*16.5*5cm/6.69*6.50*1.97inch
Package weight: Approx. 380g
Packing List:
*Solar Panel with Pump
1*Nozzle Base
4*Anti-collision Bar
1*User Manual(English)
1. This product is simple to use. Choose sunny garden pools, swimming pools, etc., tear off the protective film on the solar panels, activate the product against the sun and put it in the water, the product can be turned on, and the pump will work when the sun is full during the day The power is provided by solar energy, and the remaining battery is stored in the internal battery. When the sun is weak, the product will automatically switch to battery power to ensure the normal operation of the water pump.
2. This product has functions such as water shortage protection, effectively prolonging the service life of the pump. If you find that the pump stops working during use, please check whether the pump is short of water, or check whether the water inlet of the pump is blocked by foreign objects, please clean it in time, and it can work normally. Pay attention to regular cleaning of debris and dirt on the solar panel.
3. Keep the surface of the solar panel clean. Do not use the solar pump fountain in dirty or corrosive water. Change the water frequently to prevent dirt from obstructing the pump.
4. Due to the problems of lighting effects and shooting angles, there will be certain tolerances in the product, please understand.

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