Sirma Bathroom Faucet

Sirma Bathroom Faucet


Surface Finishing: Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment: Polished
EBSFF: Without Slide Bar
ESFF: Without Slide Bar
Number Of Handles: Single Handle
Style: Contemporary


For Wholesale and Quotations it takes 1-3 days to get your quote according to the item complexity. The shown price is for reference and may change according to the market.


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With more than 500 products, 5 years’ warranty. SGSAQR faucet products has been the preference of those who are looking for high quality by over 1000 vendors all around turkey and export to middle east and Russia, due to our team outstanding efforts starting from Production, Sales, Marketing and of course our raw materials vendors, all has a share in our success.

All SGSAQR faucet products are certificated by Turkish Standard Institute and produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, SGSAQR entire product lines are adapted in its quality, reliability, sensitivity to be environment friendly products by renovating production processes to latest technologies and continuously training staff on the same.

Additional information

CSI MasterFormat

22 41 39 Residential Faucets Supplies and Trim

After-Sale Service

Return And Replacement


5 Years

Surface Finishing

Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment



Without Slide Bar


Without Slide Bar

Number Of Handles

Single Handle




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